Bangalore Storytelling Society

Stories are an integral part of the fibre that makes us human. We share our beliefs, values and culture through stories. Bangalore Storytelling Society is a body of Storytellers who have come together under a common umbrella for the purpose of learning, nurturing, reviving, training and popularizing Storytelling. Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS), a registered body, formed in 2013, is dedicated to reviving, promoting, nurturing the art of oral storytellin and popularizing it as a performance medium. The BSS will carry out activities related to storytelling such as meet ups, tell-a-thon, festivals, workshops, and publishing; it will also network and collaborate with international storytelling groups to bring about cultural exchange through storytelling.



24 thoughts on “Bangalore Storytelling Society

  1. Would like to be a part of your society to learn and give. I am also very passionate about story telling and have been working with little children for 35 years. I also work with children with learning difficulties.Would love learn more and get better.

  2. would love to be part of the society and learn the art of story telling, would be great if any one can let me know the process of joining the society.

  3. helloo, I m Nagarathna, working as a kindergarten teacher. Story telling is my hobby and part of my job. Please let me know how can I be the part of BS S.?

  4. Hello..Am a teacher in an esteemed institution in south Bangalore..My subject of teaching is Theatre n Storytelling..I would like to join Ur group as am too enthusiastic about ur work.. Kindly do the needful..

  5. Hi. I am a certified story teller and would like to join the group. Please let know the procedure

  6. I am interested in the study of orality n myriad forms and dimensions of storytelling traditions of India.

  7. Hey this is juhi sharma from bilaspur, chhattisgarh, i am a High Court Advocate by profession and i love to write and read stories. I was a NLU student and we used to sit around with friends and tell stories of different kind it was very amusing so kindly let me know how can i join the society and i want to work in this area cz my heart lies in storytelling .

  8. Hi,
    Would like to be a part of your society to learn and share my knowledge. I am having knowledge about Ramayana, Mahabharata and Krishna Stories. I tell stories to my kids and other kids during bed time. Would love to learn skills and contribute to society.

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